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Planning Commission, Wednesday, May 4, 2002

Video, Legistar meeting details

Revisited the postponed 212 Miller site plan. I've decided I'm confused by the requirement that wheelchair access not be shared with cars. Lots of houses (including mine) are accessible only by the driveway. Also, anyone using a sidewalk crosses driveways constantly. I probably just don't understand. Anyway, they came up with a new solution with a lift.

Staff presentation on comprehensive (aka "master") plan review. There was an RFP issued for a consultant to run a comprehensive plan update process a few years ago, and I seem to remember they even chose someone, and then it was postponed due to COVID (I'm unclear exactly why).

Planning Commission work plan: what are the planning comission's priority for the next year and beyond? The discussion wandered a bit but seemed motivated mainly by impatience resulting from the mismatch between the number of ordinance changes commissioners would like to make and the number of changes staff thinks they can handle in a year.

Some brief mention of neighborhood pedestrian connections. It's a pet peeve of mine that unnecessary barriers often turn what should be a short pleasant walk into a long unpleasant one, so I'm glad to see this raised. I'm not sure what levers planning commission has to improve things, though, and the conversation didn't address that.