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music tools

The library recently added a collection of "music tools". I love my library!

It's fun to just bring them home and twiddle the knobs. I'd also like to make something with them. But I don't have much time. So, my goal is just to make a ring tone with each one. I figure a ring tone is short, doesn't have to sound like anything in particular, but could still be fun. So far:

  • first ringtone: made with the Wavedrum Mini. It's made up of several different sounds, but on a phone all you actually here is a big klang followed by a couple taps.
  • second ringtone: made with the Monotron. OK sort of simple but I thought it was funny for some reason.

Recorded either with a little external mike to my laptop, or with a Zoom H4n, then chose bits that work as loops and converted them to ogg format with Audacity.