Ann Arbor Links

Meeting calendar with links to agendas, packets with supplemental info, other useful stuff.

Brownfield projects, including details of the Broadway Village at Lowertown brownfield project.

Property tax records

etrakit, for various planning and property information.



Lower Town

Pedestrian Ordinance

Library Lot

Water Rates

Local News


General YIMBY issues

Random other sources

Affordable housing


Housing prices

Note Ann Arbor MSA is Washtenaw County. Numbers for city proper would be more interesting (e.g. for comparison w/ commute numbers.) Fred data for Ann Arbor MSA, e.g., New Private Housing Structures Authorized by Building Permits for Washtenaw County, MI


Random questions

Also todo: move this stuff to arborwiki where appropriate. Write some longer stuff (e.g. on bogus "council gave up affordable housing units by not zoning lowertown PUD" argument).